Property Sales with Results

Real Estate is a full time business. We work full time on your behalf to secure the best possible price from the many prospective buyers on our files.
We keep abreast with all the events and marketing conditions affecting real estate in the community.
When your property is correctly priced for the market, you can expect fact action and full value. In valuing your property we will conduct a detailed inspection of your property to ensure we understand all of its features, as well as conducting extensive research of the market sector relevant to your property.

By detailing the various options available to your property, as well as listening to your ideas and expectations, we will help to select the best method of selling your property.
We will explain in detail how this selected selling process will work, from listing to settlement.

We consider this to be an important aspect of our association with you. It is at the very heart of a successful partnership between us which will result in achieving the best possible price.
Feedback is very important for the vendor so we will keep you well informed of the progress of the sale. This will allow you to make an informed decision at the critical time of sale.

Our company has not made unrealistic claims about the service we provide nor will we inflate the likely selling price.
Our promises will not lead to false hopes, frustrations and possible disappointment.
The company has an excellent reputation and track record that we are keen to maintain and enhance further.

We want the process of selling and buying to be the celebration it should be rather than the daunting process is can sometimes be today.

At Heathcote Real Estate we aim to be the best. We strive to shine in every aspect of our business, continually reinventing ourselves as we find better ways to achieve our client’s goals.
We are a learning organization. We regularly review our structure, systems and processes, asking ourselves; How can we improve our service to our clients?

We answer this question by continuing our hard work on your behalf and by moving forward with enthusiasm, consideration and integrity.